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 La Bancarella Editrice (publisher)...


The stand was established in September 2005 for publishing a response to many authors seeking to publish, but are not placed on the market. The combination of publishing and library is in our opinion a combination guessed because the two activities are complementary and inseparable. The book is published when the library needs to go to the reader, the library needs the book to meet the needs of readers. Our library that lives in the world of books for fifty years has seen the need to break into the publishing field as did many library publishers, Pearson Education, and remind all of us nearby Belforte publisher.

Books are not like people are never enough and especially now that the big publishers claim to dominate the market and to read the readers what they want to get them to think "unique" like in the way of television, where ideas against the power and the government have no place.

The small publishing is the weapon of redemption country's cultural course between high and low errors failings but always open to all voices and thoughts.

Our production will be as it was a mirror of the library of quality works and cultural tendencies expressed by our region and beyond, taking into account that communication through the province has died and Piombino has the same opportunity to interfere in thought and culture the country.

Depend on the commitment and sacrifice from the survey and the quality of our authors, poets, novelists and thinkers if Piombino may have a role in national culture, we put the resources at their disposal the print and advertised on our website to cross borders The national distribution in bookstores and take careful work to bring new life to the literary market.
 The publisher states now stand to authors who want to publish that contribution is needed for printing varies according to the copies. The publisher calls stand a little sacrifice (which the book will be retrieved with Lavendar) for authors who feel ready to take risks and consider their work worthy of being published and readers up to the user.
the other publishers want contributions disguised with the words "buy copies from the author" just do two calculations to understand that eventually the contribution is higher than that required by us, the author then the copies purchased may not resell absence of VAT and in fact know many writers who have boxes of unused books. We also expect reprints (if the book sells or are required) without asking any contribution (see contract section L) and maintain the author's percentage to 10% which is the highest on the market.


Saturday, March 4, 2006
Interview with director of La Bancarella-Publishing
How did you come to the idea of founding the publishing The Stand?

Certainly in a publishing world with three thousand and more publishers, it seems unrealistic to begin this activity, but each book is, as the men, unique and irreplaceable and therefore has the right to exist and to bring his message to those around him. No matter whether one or many, let 's be present and try to communicate thoughts, words and emotions. It is these that make the world and create culture.


The decades-long experience of your library has affected the editorial decisions of the publishing house?

Certainly affects and tickles new ways to make books and those who do it. For example, do not try to make the best sellers but to produce books that are the result of experience feelings and ideas born from the need of the writer, his expectations and the pursuit of confrontation with the reader

How work is organized?

'S publisher must be able to hear the world around them, as he did once, be attentive to the signals and help authors can make their dream of publishing. Of course there are choices to make and also, unfortunately, by the authors, economic contributions to the press that will be repaid by the success of the book, is a risk that authors must run. In all our actions we have investments that do not always get the desired results but for this we have to give.

Which book was proud to have published so far?

Books are like children, all equal in their diversity and each can make its satisfactions in due course. In any case, until now, the book that gave us a great editorial content, in terms of demands and professionalism, was that of Giuseppe Mazzini "Italy, Austria and the Pope" by Andrea Panerini (which directs non-fiction publishing house in our university) and with a preface by prof. Zeffiro Ciuffolletti.

The thing has given and will give - both in a human and professional - the world of books?

The book world is the world of people, including the pages of each book there are people, feelings and culture. So live among books is like living in the world. And 'helping to build the world. The book is to know. St. Augustine said, I exist, and I want to know, and there are knowingly and willingly, I know to exist and will, I want to exist and knowledge. (Confess. 13, 11, 12).

Give us a preview on new publications ...

Soon will be ready two other books. The first is a "young octogenarian" who wrote a script with impeccable than 12 books on a large format notebook Protocol. This is the first feature entitled "They had the same age (Osada, P.. 49 euro 5.00). A dramatic story of 'love of other times where the feeling is carried to extremes, a sort of Romeo and Juliet modern. The second is the diary of a housewife as the author likes to call the wife of a doctor in this province that his journal "The range (Notes from a basement)" (Flora Banquet Marks, P.. 156, euro 10.00) back its aspirations for a life above the daily banalities and regretted not being able to meet other young intellectuals and middle-class province with no other goal than that of the gossip and show off welfare





































La Bancarella editrice...  



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