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Do you have written'd like to see?
Tired of waiting for responses from a publishing house?

The "Bancarella" offers the publication in its series ask for free estimate

The stand publisher requires a contribution author to the publication from Euro 0.08 to page
These are the cheapest and guarantees provided by the publisher

1) Digital printing 80/90 GSM or letterpress 100 g / m
 2) Matt cover 200 or 250 g / m 2 colors
3) Assign a unique code ISBN
 4)Returns copies, the National Library
 5) Opera and affordable website www.ibs.ite other sites.
 6) Immediate delivery to libraries following order;
 7) Web page dedicated to the work, with possibility of adding reviews, photos, etc.;
 8) Contribution of author required for publication because of copies, print quality and graphics selected
 9)Guaranteed minimum 50% Discount on additional copies purchased the first run. 30 copies belong to the author.
 10) Copyright 10% on units sold by the publisher
11) Reprint free of charge after the first few hundred copies, the author retains a 10% roialty

Download the contract, the publishing contracts

For more information, send an email to or contact us directly, possibly to make an appointment at:

La Bancarella Editrice
Via Della Repubblica n. 47
57025 Piombino (Li)
Telefono 0565.221959
Fax 0565.221959